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Letting Go: Treating Trauma with EMDR



Lettin Go



Often when looking back, many fear that they will encounter the same feelings they felt when going through a particular experience. This is often called ‘sensory memory’. At times it is helpful to sense and feel all that you felt back then. It will help you to move through the process of desensitizing any traumatic feelings in that experience.

I use many processes to do this, in particular, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing). This is a technique that uses both parts of the brain to process memory, be it sense, visual, or feeling memory. This unique process was originally designed to help those who had experienced traumatic incidents and are suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

The process involves eye movements, similar to that which takes place in REM (dream state) sleep. When the brain is processing the information it acquired during the trauma, whenever you begin to remember the incident, your brain begins to process it, but with the same memory in which it was originally acquired. With EMDR, we can ‘reprocess’ this information and all it’s memory.

By using an 8 stage process we go through the memory and reprocess each and every ‘sense’ associated with it. We use either eye movements, tapping on a pulse point of your body–hands, face, chest, or listening to specialised synchronised sounds that facilitate the process. It can often take up to 5 sessions, but is often times completed in one 1 and a half to two hour session. With each ‘reprocessing’, the original memory takes upon a new ‘sense’, and the same traumatic effects are disengaged so that your memory is associated with a different, more manageable feeling (or sense).





I trained in EMDR in 1996. I have been using this process to treat phobias, panic attacks, abuse, negative thought patterns and a range of psychological problems. Now that we are nearing another year’s end, why not take a ‘scan’ of your life. If you find that there is anything there that stands out in terms of discomfort, this may be the time to confront this particular issue.

People often choose the New Year for their time to let go of debilitating habits. Why not choose the year’s end as a time to Let Go of what you do not need. You can then use the New Year to acquire what you DO need. We all need to take stock of our lives, whether you choose to do it now, or later, LETTING GO can be a powerful and wonderful experience that can extensively impact your life.

For more information on EMDR read: EMDR, by Francine Shapiro






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