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Past Life Regression: What’s it all about?

As talking therapies have become a mainstream in our society, and alternative therapies have gained momentum in the past decade, the idea of past lives does not seem to be shunned so much as a possible way to explore spirituality.

Have you ever wondered why you are in a job you hate? Why you don’t get along with your own child? Why you don’t feel settled? Why you never finish anything you start? Why you failed at school? Why you never went to University? Why you keep choosing the same kind of partner and it never goes anywhere? Why you struggle financially? Why you hate pets? Why you are afraid of flying? Why you don’t like anyone in your family? Why your health has always been a problem?

Of course, you could look for the rational and logical answers to all of the above. But is there the possibility that there is no logical explanation?

You may have looked at absolutely every other avenue, had years of therapy, moved to Tibet to live in silence, taken every self-help course, go to Church daily, fast weekly, or even lived in silence. And still, no answers and no change. How could this be?

It just may be that a past life is karmically helping you by, well, not helping you. It’s helping you because it is showing you the effects of your actions in a previous life. And also it is giving you the chance to elevate your soul to a higher frequency so that it can evolve. Evolution is the key. It is our goal and our mission on this Earth plane, or in this Earth school, as some call it.

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Although, when we speak about Past Lives, there are 2 means in which we can learn about them:

  1. Past Life Regression. A past life regression session is where a trained Hypnotherapist will assist you using hypnosis to regress you back to a past life. In this session, you experience the past life yourself, or aspects of it. Most people want to explore past lives to uncover what karmic ties or manifestations they may have brought to this life. If you find yourself struggling with a particular issue and not matter what you have tried you feel you are unable to find a remedy, a past life reading could help you to unveil and pinpoint exactly where you may struggle.
  1. Past Life Psychic Reading. This is a psychic reading (or through a Medium) where the information is channeled through the Medium. Details of that particular life as well as the death is revealed. Usually the life that is most affecting you right now will be discovered.

I believe that a Medium gives a more descriptive reading for a past life as opposed to a psychic. A psychic can only tell you information based upon your aura or energy system. A Medium is connecting directly with the Spirit World, Guides and Helpers and if the Medium is Clairaudient, will hear the information. If she is Clairsentient, she will feel things and of course, if she is Clairvoyant, she will see the life itself.

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How are the memories accessed and why are they still there? The soul is our blueprint, so it only shifts, changes and evolves. If we allow it to do so. Our soul is who and what we are. As we evolve or reincarnate, we take with us into the next incarnation, all that was left undone, unfinished, ‘un-evolved’. That which is still an issue, remains an issue. It’s just like the old saying, ‘You can take the boy out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the boy’. Well, you can die and take the body away from the soul, but the soul will find another body. It may be in another life time. It may even be another sex, another race, another nationality. And some believe it may even be another species. Many people believe that their animals are their departed relatives. Well, having conducted so many past lives in my practice, I have yet to witness someone regressing back to when they were an elephant. So for me, as a past life regression therapist and Medium, the jury is still out on that one. I think that the animal kingdom has a group consciousness just as we do as humans. But they are in a class all to themselves. They’ve never suffered from trying to work through giving unconditional love, like we do as human beings. That makes them in a league all their own.

I find that Past Life Regression is by far one of the most misunderstood psychic sessions, in so far as there is usually confusion as to whether you will be regressed.

As a trained hypnotherapist, my actual past life regression session lasts 2 hours and I use my skills to help regress people to their past lives.

However, in a Past Life psychic session, your Guides and Helpers, my Guides and Helpers impart upon me the information about your past life, which I relay to you. As a Medium, I am allowed to see, sense, hear and feel what was happening in your past life. It is fascinating, extraordinary and revealing.

ID-100298328You may wonder how to make the choice whether to have a regression session or a psychic reading of past life. I would say that there are major advantages to both. But if you are short on time and if you can’t come to my clinic in London, then it’s best to have a psychic past life reading, which is just as effective and helpful. The only difference is that it doesn’t take 2 hours and you won’t have to feel or go through that particular life all over again. At some point, you may want to try both. Most souls have had a few journeys.

It can be life changing for some people, to actually experience, see and feel what happened in a past life. I have been privileged to help to facilitate some amazing and extraordinary sessions with people, where other languages were spoken, and where valuable information has been accessed to help with major change in this life. Once the issue is revealed, it’s like a light bulb that puts the spotlight on something that has been hidden for decades in this life. And like anything that is revealed, it has to be acknowledged. And with that acknowledgement comes a healing. Spirit will often give the words, the wisdom and the healing as the life is revealed.

Whilst I always receive inquiries about past life regression, I thought it would be helpful for others to experience a past life psychic session (not regression), where a past life is revealed to you. Usually my Guides will reveal the past life that is most affecting you today.

Also, it may surprise you that the information is not always to do with problems you may have. Sometimes people have extremely successful lives or they are very happy or they have just been promoted or gotten engaged. Sometimes a past life relating to their success is revealed.

through a window in the cloudsOne of the most fascinating past life psychic readings is always to do with relationships. Others include career and family issues, friendships, and spiritual paths.

There is no prerequisite that you must believe in past lives in order to benefit from a session. You only need to be curious enough to allow yourself to explore the possibilities of new information coming up that is presented to you. You are then free to use this information in the best way to move forward.

I offer a 2 hour past life hypnotherapy regression session.

*As always, be diligent about who you chose as your therapist and ensure that all professional bodies information is available to you.


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