Freebies and Helpful Bits and Pieces


With our demanding schedules, families, work and studies, it can often be a literal ‘chore’ to keep up chores around the house. No matter how much we all try, some things go amiss, and then you may find yourself trying to catch up, just to live comfortably.

I’ve had a list to follow since I was young and we had chores to do at home. In adulthood, that doesn’t change. In fact, it gets bigger and bigger, as you are now responsible for scheduling things like window cleaning, and grout removal 🙂

Here is a list that has helped me over the years. You may have seen similar lists, but this one is comprehensive and attempts to cover most households. Feel free to adjust it to make it your own.

Let me know what you think and if it has helped you in any way. Feel free to print it off, laminate it, and send to others.

Afterall, Home is Where the Heart Is.

Download pdf here.

Home Cleaning Schedule