The essence of stillness can bring joy to life.
Relaxation, Visualisation and Meditation have proven to be beneficial for the Mind, Body and Soul. It is a practice to meditate and to learn mindfulness. Relaxation may be easier as you may find that as you relax your body, you mind begins to follow. In a natural succession, your thoughts begin to calm and your body naturally deepens its relaxation state.
These recordings are designed to help you to achieve change in the quality of your everyday life. They focus on helping you to easily achieve a space and place of calmness, peacefulness, tranquility and serenity.
Many people have bought the CD’s to accompany their own one-to-one therapy. They also say that they find them helpful when travelling.
I am dedicated to helping others go within so that a quieter mind brings to the surface a more relaxed state. In this relaxed state, we can effect change and allow for more understanding and a true connection with your own inner voice.
All are available iTunes and Amazon and other retailers. Also available from my website.

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